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Megan Kogut mbkogut at uw.edu
Fri Jun 7 15:53:51 PDT 2013

Dear subscriber:

The listserv of the American Water Resources Association – Washington
Section returns! We've joined forces with the AWRA UW Student Chapter to
run the listserv. We will soon resume our emails announcing water-related
job openings in the Pacific Northwest.

To manage your subscription, including opting for daily digests and
removing yourself from the listserv, go to

If you have a job you'd like us to post, or if you have questions or
comments about the listserv, please email us at *awrawajobs at gmail.com*.

AWRA-WA is a volunteer-run nonprofit organization. Our mission is to
provide a forum for advancing water resources management and policy
development in Washington State, to serve the public interest by supporting
education, and to promote broad discussion and understanding of water
resources issues. We offer dinner meetings, a newsletter and an annual
conference. To learn more, visit waawra.org. For information about the
affiliated UW Student Chapter, visit students.washington.edu/awra/.

AWRA-WA volunteers are employees of consulting companies, public agencies,
tribes and non-profit organizations as well as students, faculty and staff
at UW and other schools. We use this listserv to share job openings in our
workplaces and beyond.

We also have a mentoring program. If you are interested in being a mentor
or being mentored, please see http://waawra.org/GetInvolved/Mentoring.

Best wishes for your career!

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