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Mon Sep 26 18:25:57 PDT 2022

Hey tweets, Here's a heads-up: I have just learned that the UWBG is planning on removing the cottonwood grove bordering the east side of the Youth Farm. They have determined that the trees have become unsafe, dropping big limbs without warning. Plus, the kids want to start an orchard as part of their farm, and the cottonwoods need to make way for the kids.

David Zuckerman, manager of UWBG, asked me whether I knew of any hawk nests in that grove. I don't think there are any, though the grove is well-used by many passerines, both resident and migratory, who forage here, nest, roost, and perch.

We are suggesting that UWBG staff think about leaving several of the cottonwoods as limbless snags, which would help woodpeckers and passerines alike. I hope this possibility will be pursued, as we have lost several snags at the Fill in recent years due to sheer age, and the beavers are doing their best to prevent new snags from developing by gnawing all the trees they can get at.

I'm going to suggest that UWBG think about the loss of tree canopy as well. These are big trees and the loss of their canopy cover will be correspondingly big. To mitigate the loss, I'm hoping UWBG will consider planting a grove of evergreens in the area that used to be the road leading into the Dime Lot. - Connie, Seattle

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