[Tweeters] Giving away a Scope Pack

Rachel Lawson rwlawson5593 at outlook.com
Mon Sep 19 16:50:49 PDT 2022

I have a Scope Pack made by Better Birder of Seattle that I carried on trips a long time ago, but no longer use. They are not made anymore. I will be happy to give mine to anyone who wants it. Below is a link to an old eBay listing with a photo.

Rachel Lawson
rwlawson5593 at outlook.com

Scope Pack by Better Birder of Seattle • $27.95<https://picclick.com/Scope-Pack-by-Better-Birder-of-Seattle-142278971035.html>
SCOPE PACK BY Better Birder of Seattle - $27.95. FOR SALE! Marketed by Betterbirder of Seattle in at least the 1990s, these Scope Pack backpacks were used not only by birders to carry scopes and tripods, but also by outdoor photographers to carry long lenses. I used this pack to carry a 600 mm f4 lens with a SLR camera body 142278971035

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