[Tweeters] The Nelson Report

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Mon Sep 19 12:29:22 PDT 2022

Hi all,

Thursday we drove from our house in Burlington to Nelson, B.C. via
Abbotsford, Hope, Princeton, Osoyoos, and Castlegar.

Of particular note was that there are -very- few birds of any kind
here in the Kootenays. A few crows/ravens, fewer still Canada geese,
and fewest of all wild Turkeys. No small birds of any kind (such as
finches or sparrows or robins or _____). I did see just one raptor
(probably a small red-tailed) but other than the above - zip-zero.

Since a local here reported that it got down to 1 degree (Celsius)
it is not particularly surprising ... but I consider it of interest
that only a few hours from Skagit County the world is already bracing
for the onset of the long winter ahead ... businesses are on Winter
Hours, many tourist related businesses are already shut down for the
season and won't reopen until April or even May, etc.
The days have been exceedingly pleasant - in the high 60's and the
evenings have been only cool. Not absolutely -requiring- a jacket
or even a hat when walking back to the hotel after dinner.
- Jim

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