[Tweeters] 'Wow factor': Public website reveals best-yet picture of hundreds of bird migrations | CBC News

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Fri Sep 16 07:03:06 PDT 2022

Interesting -- these are very similar to eBird "abundance animation" maps.
For an example, see Swainson's Thrush at
and click the "play" arrow.

The eBird maps are more colorful, cover more species, and are based on
eBird reports.

The Audubon maps include yellow-highlighted individual birds from satellite
tracking, so that's cool.

On both you can zoom in on the maps and pause the animation as it scrolls
thru the year.

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> Tweeters,

> Interesting. What do you think?

> Dan Reiff


> https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/north/bird-migration-1.6584215



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