[Tweeters] Swift colony in Centralia WA

David Wegener DLWEGENER at msn.com
Thu Sep 15 19:55:53 PDT 2022

I just came from watching hundreds of Swifts going to roost at dusk in a chimney of my church building! The neighbors had called to say they had seen bats going into the belfry at dusk and they were worried about rabies. Wait, bats going IN at night? I had a hunch it was really Swifts, so this evening I went over and saw the birds circling and heard them chittering. Starting at 7:30 p.m. they began entering the chimney.

I remember there is someone named Larry on Tweeters who is an expert on Vaux’s Swifts, so Larry, if you have any information I could use to keep the birds safe please let me know.

Leah Wegener
Centralia, WA
dlwegener at msn.com

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