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Marv Breece marvbreece at q.com
Tue Sep 13 09:27:22 PDT 2022

Today the RED-SHOULDERED HAWK continued (since 8.8.22) at S 204th St in Kent. There were 2 COOPER'S HAWKS. In recent days there have been as many as 4 COHAs at this location. Other birds of prey recently at 204th include OSPREY, BALD EAGLE, several RED-TAILED HAWKS, 4 AMERICAN KESTRELS, a MERLIN and a NORTHERN HARRIER. Come October, I expect a visit from a Short-eared Owl.

Shorebirds today included: KILLDEER, WILSON'S SNIPE, 10 LEAST SANDPIPERS, both an alternate-plumaged adult and a juvenile LONG-BILLED DOWITCHER (continuing) and 2 PECTORAL SANDPIPERS (continuing). Recent days include both yellowlegs. The shorebirds are in the distant pond, but with a good scope at the right time in the morning, when the sunlight from the east shines on the pond, a surprising amount of detail can be seen in these small distant birds. Who knows what might show up here?

VIRGINIA RAILS vocalize during each visit, but I have not not heard a SORA for a few weeks. American Bittern and Green Heron visits have slowed, but GREAT BLUE HERON is reliable.

Passerines were unremarkable today, but repeated visits have turned up a few migrants.

A few videos of Red-shouldered & Cooper's Hawks: [ https://flic.kr/ps/376fhN | https://flic.kr/ps/376fhN ]

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