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Wed Sep 7 13:09:54 PDT 2022

Hi all,

Thought some of you might like a sort of general status report for
Western Skagit County.

First - Wylie Slough is still closed and is still posted for "end of the
month". Reports are that the work being done (dike repairs) is
progressing and that it is not particularly 'big changes'.

Hayton - I was there yesterday - at low water slack. Very little activity
of any kind. A few shorebirds, one gull, and an immature Bald
Eagle in the tree with the nest - with two more soaring above
the farms to the East of Hayton Reserve.

I did not drive around Fir Island except to go to check on Wylie and into
Hayton. Saw lots of ravens - probably 50 to a 100. Snow Goose Produce was
doing a good business for it being less than half an hour after they opened.

Skagit Flats also had more ravens than 'normal' (whatever that is). I did
not go out to the Samish Flats areas. Very little else.

Still seeing some vultures, a few Stellar's, and the occasional Flickers
and Red-Tailed Hawks (including one very large and nicely colored one on
the Skagit Flats yesterday).

The ducks and snows and swans should start arriving soon - that'll be a
welcome change!

Overall birding seems slow here - but my backyard feeders are busy, busy,
busy ... mostly sparrows, goldfinches, and other passerines - with the ever
present Anna's hummers. many of these are probably the young ones that
fledged earlier this year. It's been a while since I've seen a Grosbeak
or a Robin here in our yard and the Towhees are absent as well.

- Jim in Burlington

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