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Tue Sep 6 20:38:25 PDT 2022

I took advantage of a 4-day weekend and spent all day Friday-Sunday and half the day Monday out birding at Neah Bay. Migrant activity seemed average to slow throughout my time there, and no major rarities to report, but there were still many birds to be seen including some uncommon and local rarities. Fog was an issue for much of the time and one rainstorm came through Sunday morning which unfortunately didn’t shake things up as much as hoped.

Here is my trip report:


Neah Bay has gained popularity for finding vagrants in late fall, and for good reason, but I would encourage more people to get out in early fall as well. In the late-August/September period it is still by far the best birding area in the state, and has hosted such rarities as Painted Redstart, Red-legged Kittiwake, Lucy’s Warbler, and Little Stint to name just a few from this time of year. There were a handful of other birders up there this past weekend and I know Eric Heisey is planning to stay a couple more weeks, but I hope more people consider going out in the coming weeks too!

While out there I had accumulated other birder’s phone numbers to share notable sightings, but it became apparent it would be much smarter to have a group chat dedicated to Neah Bay that any birder could hop into. WhatsApp bird alert groups are already being used effectively in parts of the state, so I created one for just Neah Bay. The invite link is here:


I am planning to make at least a few more trips to Neah before the end of the year so hope to see others out there!

Jason Vassallo

Jason.vassallo at outlook.com

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