[Tweeters] Coolpix P1000

jimbetz at jimbetz.com jimbetz at jimbetz.com
Sun Oct 30 15:25:07 PDT 2022

Anyone have any direct or indirect experience with the Nikon
Coolpix P1000 camera? I just learned of it yesterday. It's a
"bridge camera" (no mirror and larger sensor and no interchangeable
It has a "Bird Mode"! Plus an insane amount of optical zoom.
The sensor is smaller than the Lumix I'm using now but the Lumix
is only a 25-400 zoom.

I'd appreciate anyone's experiences with it - especially for
birding which is over 80% of the pictures I take. Questions
such as do you have to have or want a tripod? Good clear images?
Does it have a full manual mode for aperture, shutter speed and
ISO? How heavy is it (comparison to something you know is fine)?
- Jim

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