[Tweeters] birding tour in far western Ecuador

David Cook 41cdcook at gmail.com
Sat Oct 29 06:21:35 PDT 2022

A group of four of us just concluded a 16 day tour of less frequently
visited locations along the Pacific coast and far northwest corner of
Ecuador. Though western Ecuador has been heavily developed for agriculture
(primarily cacoa and palm oil) our guides were able to take us to a number
of remote and largely unspoiled forested areas. I myself saw 355 different
species and collected 87 life birds. Given that I have previously birded
in Ecuador twice and Colombia twice, this was a pretty good number of
lifers. Another member of the group recorded over 100 lifers.
Our time was spent as follows:
2 days in the Guayaquil area guided by Paul Abad
4 days in the Puerto Lopez/Ayampe area guided by Sandra Maria Plua Alban
10 days in the far northwest guided by Juan Carlos Crespo
I can heartily recommend all three guides, each of whom worked hard to find
us the difficult to locate species, were flexible about our itinerary and
were a pleasure to spend time with.
I would be happy to share more details with anyone interested in knowing
more about our trip. Send me a private email to 41cdcook at gmail.com.

Dave Cook
Seattle, WA
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