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Excellent idea Nadine!! I’d contribute a little something, I think most people would. :)

I LOVE that you take Blue birding with you! He’s such a cool cat!! He’s catching me up with the life list!! LOL

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> Hi folks,

> I recently noticed that in the UK, it is common when they have rare bird

> chases on private property, eg. such as a Common Nighthawk that was found

> in someone's garden last month, that the leaders & homeowners raise money

> for charity, charging a small fee for folks to see the bird.

> If I had known of this tradition, I would have charged for folks to see the

> Hooded Oriole I once had in my King County yard.


> By way of example, the Red-flanked Bluetail and the Siberian Accentor had

> SO many visitors to people's yards, that much money could have been raised

> for a local bird rehab, an honor I would have been happy to have organised

> (so please think of me if you need help doing this in the future).


> In the UK, they also raise money for medical concerns such as a spinal

> unit. Here we can raise money for research into diseases so badly needed

> (eg. such as breast/prostate cancer or ALS). I would have been so happy to

> have given $ to see that bird. I suggest sliding scale, to prevent

> excluding folks, especially young birders who can't even afford a scope,

> let alone have to have parents drive them to their chases. I know we have a

> lot of generous and very kind birders here in the state. In doing so, the

> homeowners might also feel more lenient towards having a long line of

> scopes pointed at their homes, if they felt some good they could empathise

> with was coming from it. (Although some homeowners may be beyond reach

> with regard to that, I admit.)


> Thank you so much for hearing me on this subject. I am sure it's not new

> here, and must have been done before here, but just not in my experience. I

> would love to hear of times when it has been done.


> Excellent Owloweening to all!


> N Drisseq


> Ps. Ok OK. I also admit to being the birder who brought her cat to the Snow

> Bunting. His life list is growing, currently only at 89, since he's only

> two years old and 'indoors only'. Luckily, we live by a small lake so he

> gets waterbirds. But that was his first vagrant. Let's hear it for Blue! He

> only sees birds, he never "gets" them though. He really enjoys visiting

> with the very tame Canada Geese, it's so funny.

> *

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