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David Hutchinson florafaunabooks at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 27 12:53:00 PDT 2022

I am not sure I have the full facts on this practice, so am treading
carefully. But in the older days of Seattle and other Audubons, it
was practice to have to raise money per bird to support the organisation
and its practices. Seems that today all kinds of basic or unusual
target birding/record listing goes on,by day, month or year but am not sure one
hears how much the event raised for birds, wildlife, habitat proection, while so
much fun was had with our feathered friends.

Then again, there are dangers attached to such occasions. I do
remember, driving a van at close to 60mph, turning a corner on
Umtanum Ridge at the old Lewis Woodpecker spot. And there was
Mr.Wayne Weber, a man I much esteem, slowly crossing the road,
unaware of the approach of a Plymouth full of young fools. But the
breaks held and Wayne continued to link the birds of BC & WA for us all.

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