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> Hi all, I realize that this is marginally a bird post but I hope the

> admin will not object. I am currently using an older Cannon SX50 for

> documenting birds when I am out in the field. It is rather slow and

> doesn't focus well in bushes or where there is not a clear view.

> I've finally decided to try to upgrade to something that might be

> better. I don't need interchangeable lenses, just a simple zoom. A

> smaller body would be good and an eyepiece type viewfinder essential

> for my older eyes. I would be happy to hear your recommendations.

I would avoid "digital Zoom", all it does is crop the image, it does not
increase resolution. Optical zoom moves the lens to increase
magnification and preserves resolution... result is more usable images

No simple camera will focus well when there are obstructions. Even a
high-end DSLR will have difficulty, especially handheld and with a long
lens... You need a tripod, very careful technique... and a relatively
still subject.

Eye-piece viewfinders can be optical or electronic. Rear screen (only)
viewfinders are useless in bright light and much more difficult to use.

Look for something that does high-speed bursts, especially if you want
birds in flight.

Video is not good for quality still images.

Richard James
From an Island in the Pacific,
Victoria, BC

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