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> Hi again, I had a complaint about this and I thought this was clear in the

> previous post by Elaine but I just want to mention to Jason Zolle and

> others, that the *cat was in a cat carrier right next to me *the whole

> time. Most of the time he birds from inside the house. It's when he has vet

> visits, I take him to places where he can see new birds* all the while

> from inside his carrier,* and build up his private list. So it's like a

> person birding holding a big bag. I don't think the birds can even see the

> dark cat inside a black cat carrier.


> Like Elaine said, the bird seemed comfortable with me, Elaine and Blue

> keeping our distance. I even have a photo on ebird of Blue in his cat

> carrier, with the bird far away in the top of the shot, so you can see that

> the distance is good while the cat is contained in the carrier, and the

> bird is contentedly foraging away.



Wishing you the best luck, birding!



> >Ps. Ok OK. I also admit to being the birder who brought her cat to the

> Snow Bunting. His life list is growing, currently only at 89, since he's

> only two years old and 'indoors only'. >Luckily, we live by a small lake so

> he gets waterbirds. But that was his first vagrant. Let's hear it for Blue!

> He only sees birds, he never "gets" them though. He really enjoys visiting

> >with the very tame Canada Geese, it's so funny.


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