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Wilson - I think you are remembering the Masked Booby that was rescued, but died in the rehab center at Audubon. It was found on the bridge between Hayden Island and the Oregon mainland. The person who found it thought it was an eagle and OFWS thought it was a cormorant….

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> Jim,

> Congratulations, this is the first BROWN BOOBY that i have heard of in Clark County although I recall one being rescued on the Oregon end of the I-5 Bridge and taken to rehab at the Portland Audubon Tweetment Center.



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> Hi Tweeters,


> There is currently a BROWN BOOBY perched on the anchor chain of the ship "Adelante" visible from Blue Rock Landing which is a half mile west of Vancouver Lake in the Vancouver Lowlands, Clark County. I believe this is a first county record. It was certainly my first one and the first booby of any kind in Washington State for me. Here's the incomplete ebird list with the link to the location.


> https://ebird.org/checklist/S121262945 <https://ebird.org/checklist/S121262945>


> Also, local birders Greg and Tina Johnson found an AMERICAN TREE SPARROW just beyond stop 11 at River S Ridgefield NWR, Clark County this morning. This is I think a code 5 bird in Clark County.


> Keep your eyes and ears pointed everywhere .... you never know what you'll find!


> Jim

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