[Tweeters] The smoke has broke and the birdies rejoice - or is it a bacchanal?

BRAD Liljequist bradliljequist at msn.com
Sat Oct 22 11:35:37 PDT 2022

Don't know about everyone else, but it is just a major birdfest at our place. Lots and lots of flying and chasing, more than I can ever remember. Even have had cameos by Varied and Hermit Thrushes here on Phinney Ridge in Seattle.

We have tons of different berries, including salmonberries, evergreen huckleberries, etc. Is part of the mania actual drunkeness at this time of year, or just sugar loading?

Definitely seems like a combo of no smoke, water, berries = happy birdies.

Brad Liljequist
Phinney Ridge
Seattle, WA, USA, Earth
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