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Larry, thanks so much for your hard work on this year after year. It's a real contribution to the knowledge of our birdlife!

Dennis Paulson

> On Oct 20, 2022, at 9:51 AM, Larry Schwitters <leschwitters at me.com> wrote:


> We were hoping to document 700,000 Vaux’s Swift going to roost in what must be the species most significant communal migratory roost site this migration. Didn’t quite make it. Last night it was empty skies. With nothing going on in LA and not much in San Diego we're officially sticking a fork in our 2022 Southbound Vaux’s Happening migration. It was our Audubon projects 28th migration. We bagged a lot of swifts last year, our most ever. Got a few more this year. Here's the comparison.


> S 2021

> 127 observers made 668 observations at 40 sites, finding 35 active, and documenting 1,576,944 Vaux's Swift roostings.


> S 2022

> 135 observers made 694 observations at 58 sites, finding 50 active, and documenting 1,636,762 Vaux's Swift roostings.


> Pretty consistent and close huh?


> Larry Schwitters

> Issaquah

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