[Tweeters] Saw-whet owl wails???

Karen Stephens 1917ks at gmail.com
Wed Oct 19 13:12:03 PDT 2022

Go to https://xeno-canto.org a repository of bird and other animal calls
and sounds. You'll be able to hear many saw whet sounds. It's fun!

On Wed, Oct 19, 2022 at 12:18 PM Kellie Sagen <kelliekvinne at hotmail.com>

> Hello Tweets!


> Over the past week I have been hearing some strange wail/whine calls after

> dark in my backyard that I have never heard before. It has happened on four

> occasions with 2 or 3 wails in succession and then silence. The first time

> I heard it around 9:30pm last week, some Great-horned owls responded. This

> morning at 5:46am a Barred owl responded to it. I was able to record one of

> the wails on my Merlin app and it came up as a Peregrine falcon. I do not

> believe what I’m hearing is a falcon, although I could be wrong. If there

> is anyone who is familiar with NSOW wails (not toots) and wouldn’t mind

> listening to my 5 second recording please contact me and I will send you

> the audio file. I live in the burbs but on a wooded creek and my property

> backs up to several acres of dense mixed forest.


> I have never heard nor seen a Saw-whet before but I have been listening to

> dozens of recordings online and that seems to be the closest to it.

> Although the pitches are higher than what I am hearing in my backyard, the

> quality seems mostly the same. Whoever is making this noise has not

> responded to playback of Saw-whet audio so far which leaves me questioning,

> what exactly am I hearing?


> Thanks for any input!


> Kellie Sagen 🦉

> Lake Stevens

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