[Tweeters] Invitations to King County Birding WhatsApp Groups

Raphael Fennimore raphael.fennimore at gmail.com
Mon Oct 10 12:18:02 PDT 2022

Hi Tweeters,

We have two public birding WhatsApp groups in King County - one Rare Bird Alert for chasing current rarities, and another WhatsApp group for general bird discussion and chat. I created these two groups last year during my King County big year effort when it became apparent to me that there was need for them, and I used WhatsApp as a platform (modeled after other functional county/regional RBAs). These two groups are:

1) ‘King County RareBirdAlert’ is for real-time alerts and presence/absence updates about current rare birds in King County, WA (or close mega-rarities, like this year’s Whooper Swan). This group should be kept as succinct as possible, without chat or general questions. Most questions can be directed in private message, or put in the second WhatsApp group (info below). To join the King County RareBirdAlert, use the following link:


2) ‘King County WA Bird Chat’ is for general bird chat or questions (parking, presence/absence of a minor rarity, interesting bird articles, wind/weather observations, questions/tips on targeting a bird or species, etc.). To join the King County WA Bird Chat, use the following link:


These WhatsApp groups are not substitutions for Tweeters or for any other group, of course, and the rare birds from King County are posted to Tweeters and to other places/platforms like the Facebook WA RBA page.

Message me anytime if you have any questions. Good birding!

Raphael Fennimore
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