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> Just a follow up, tonight’s webinar will be recorded and posted on their

> website at the below url. You'll be able to find it there (but please give

> them a day or two to post it:



> https://methowconservancy.org/news/category/archive-events-first-tuesday-recordings


To watch it live please register at the URL at the bottom of this email.

> Free webinar tonight at 7 with Methow Conservency


> Who's the best little seed-planter in the forest? This little guy--the

> Clark's nutcracker. Whitebark Pine trees sprout almost exclusively from

> nutcracker seed caches. This dependency has led to considerable concern for

> both species because Whitebark Pine ecosystems are rapidly disappearing in

> the western United States. Join us on Zoom on Tue Oct 4 @7pm for

> ornithologist Taza Schaming's presentation on the relationship between

> Whitebark Pine and Clark's nutcrackers and their pivotal roles in our

> Western mountains.


> More info & Zoom registration: https://methowconservancy.org/news/

> entry/first-tuesday-with-ornithologist-taza-schaming

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