[Tweeters] Bridge closed in Yost Park

Douglas Resnick dresnick1 at comcast.net
Tue Oct 4 08:26:38 PDT 2022

When I visited Yost Park on 10/03/22, I found numerous signs saying that
a certain bridge inside the park was closed indefinitely.  Here are
Google Maps coordinates of a point just south of the bridge: 
47.808633,-122.358248.  I asked the Parks Department about this, and
their reply is below.


Thank you for inquiry regarding the bridge closure in Yost Park. The
attached image illustrates the creek scouring of the bridge abutment.
The City had a Structural Engineer assess the bridge and abutment safety
and it was recommended to close the bridge starting this month due to
potential failure of the abutment with upcoming winter rains.

The repair or replacement of the bridge and abutment is a complicated
process due to its location across a waterway including additional
evaluation, design and permits and therefore at this time we are unable
to provide a schedule for that work.


Douglas Resnick
Edmonds, WA
dresnick1 at comcast.net

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