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Sat Oct 1 12:16:52 PDT 2022

Hi all,
I had a message from the Game Range manager regarding the recent and
upcoming work. It seems that the clearing west of the dike is in
preparation for next year's dike work in that area. I believe they will be
closing the area again next summer for a month or two to finish the dike
raising project. That area apparently will have the dike shifted towards
the slough and the clearing is supposed to comply with the engineer's specs.
They say there will be some planting of native vegetation after the work.
It seems pretty obvious that they didn't factor in very good communications
with the user groups. And, based on the reaction, including mine, they
could have done much better making the clearing a bit less appalling. A
little work would have cleaned up some of the rough spots.
Just be prepared for more disruption next year.

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