[Tweeters] eBird Trends maps are out

Steve Hampton stevechampton at gmail.com
Fri Nov 18 16:31:13 PST 2022

Last year, John Fitzpatrick of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology gave an
amazing talk at the Wash Ornith Soc (WOS) mtg online in which he gave us a
sneak preview of eBird's Trends maps. The maps are now out.


Each one illustrates where species are increasing (blue dots) or decreasing
(red dots), each dot representing a 27km x 27km. It's like hundreds of
research papers presented visually on each map. So many of the maps
illustrate what climate change research has reported: decreasing in the
south; increasing in the north. There's a lot of information to pour thru,
and it's all been generated by eBirders.

good birding,

Steve Hampton
Port Townsend, WA (qatáy)
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