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Ed Newbold ednewbold1 at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 14 13:04:08 PST 2022

Hi all,
For those who are wondering if the bird on the Columbia River jetty is really a Wrentit, My own personal opinion would be this: cast those doubts aside! The observer Leif Anderson appeared in an interview with Audubon on Nov 2019 as a "Climate Trailblazer." His credentials include many Breeding Bird Surveys, Nightjar Surveys, and field-work for the Forest Service. He even has plenty of prior field experience with Wrentit.
Having recently birded alongside southern birders down in AZ, I would be inclined to believe on that basis alone. Plus Wrentits aren't among the birds, such as accipiters, Gulls, Shorebirds, Myarchus or Empidonax flycatchers that present huge challenges for birders like me and even sometimes for experts. Wrentits are different. See a Wrentit, identify a Wrentit.

Hallelujah, the Wrentits have finally flown across the Big Drink!!!  I fell in love with Wrentits in the summer of 68 and have been waiting for this since 1976 when I got here and Doug Wechsler told me they had never made it across the Columbia.

But there is something terrible to lament and worry about--It's going to take more than one to get a WA population going.
Thanks all,
Ed Newbold

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