[Tweeters] Mystery Sparrow at Nisqually

Tom and Carol Stoner tcstonefam at gmail.com
Thu Nov 10 17:00:29 PST 2022

At Nisqually today, I found a sparrow with a group of Gold-crowns that
looked like a White-crowned, but with smooth medium gray where the white
should be. I asked several other birders for ID help, and one man
suggested the Macaulay Library as a resource. I went through a lot of
White-throated Sparrow pictures, and I found several photos that had gray
above and below the eye line. There were no pictures showing the crown
stripe in the birds that looked most likely. My bird's crown stripe was
gray with a hint of white on the forehead, but with the gray continuing
back over the head.

I'm going with White-crowned Sparrow as the most likely ID. Thanks to the
birders who helped point me to ways to track this down. Always good to
learn something new!

Carol Stoner
West Seattle, with bridge!
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