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Steve Loitz steveloitz at gmail.com
Tue Nov 1 09:48:38 PDT 2022

IME, the best place to get Nikon bins fixed is NikonUSA.

Price of Zeiss bins varies quite a bit by model. Full size Zeiss SF bins
are around $2800, mid-size around $2400. Full size Zeiss Conquest bins are
around $1000, relatively heavy, good optics (great CA correction, but a bit
fuzzy at edges to my eye). Zeiss Terra models are the least expensive Zeiss
bins but to my eye there are better optics at that price point (e.g., the
new Nikon M7 bins). FTR, I'm a Zeiss guy, a long-time highly satisfied user
of Zeiss Victory FL 8x32 bins, which were recently replaced by the SF 8x32.

I like lighter weight bins thus, if I were shopping for a pair of full-size
bins, I'd seriously consider the new Zeiss SFL 8x40, which is lighter and
less expensive than other SF bins. It also has shorter barrel length, which
results in lower swing weight (one reason I love my FL 8x32s). Zeiss also
offers the SFL in 10x40 (although they would not be my choice for general
birding). The SFL 8x40 has been getting great reviews, has 18mm of eye
relief and good FOV (140m [420'] @ 1,000m) vs. SLF 10x40, which has the
same eye relief but considerably narrower FOV (115m [345'] @1,000m].

Steve Loitz
Ellensburg, WA
steveloitz at gmail.com
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