[Tweeters] Grub harvesting?

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Sat May 28 21:19:59 PDT 2022

Hello Steve,
Maybe removing fecal sacs from nest cavity.
Dan Reiff

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> We witnessed a couple of Chestnut-backed Chickadees today going in and out of what we assumed was a nest, an excavated hole in a snag maybe fifty feet up. I took a couple of shots when there was activity, and noticed that the two appeared to be exiting with grubs, not entering. We are now wondering if these birds were actually harvesting from the cavity, and not depositing in hungry mouths. At home we've been enjoying seeing a parent CBC coming for suet and feeding three fledglings mouthfuls of cake as they shake in the tree nearby in anticipation. Some are learning to come to the suet themselves, but mostly still preferring to be fed!



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