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Thu May 26 21:23:19 PDT 2022


I'm sorry to be so blunt - but this list itself tends to
emphasize "go find the ___ that is at _____" type of reports.

Especially whenever the report is of the nature of "right now"
and providing directions to the location.

The 'sharing' online -can- be a negative ... whenever it is
in the "hurry up and get here right now" category. God forbid
it should ever be a truly rare or endangered species.
Even if it isn't for a 'special' bird - if it results in a
flood of birders going to see it/them ... is that good?

'Life listing' and 'number of species seen at a given
location' are not wrong ... but in the instance of the
reports of lesser seen ("rare") species it is, at least,

I honestly don't know what the correct solution is. I feed
upon the enthusiasm of the members of this list! I love your
reports and they guide my future outings. And I hope my
reports help you to find good birding - and avoid locations
which are unproductive now.

However - we see Gyrfalcons here in Skagit County once in a
I don't know if they are truly rare here or not but if a pair
or individual gets "pressure" that isn't a good thing. If I,
in my enthusiasm, tell someone about a Gyrfalcon ... am I
doing the wrong thing? Even if it only results in the bird
flying a few hundred yards to "get away from the people"?

- Puzzled Jim in Burlington

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