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Thanks, Dave, I am glad to hear that eBird is working on this. The system is not working for this bustard though. We just looked at eBird reports from the place we saw the bustard, and there is a report from the very same spot for the following day. It will all depend on how eBird defines a "sensitive species". Though these bustards are now very scarce and under a lot of pressure, eBird is still making the reports public. Unfortunately, more and more species are becoming vulnerable. How can eBird deal with this and still be a resource for birders?

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Depending on the species and location, this fortunately might not be true anymore.



On Wed, May 25, 2022, 19:15 Rachel Lawson <rwlawson5593 at outlook.com<mailto:rwlawson5593 at outlook.com>> wrote:
I just got back from a tour during which we saw a single bustard of a species that is vulnerable to extinction. Our guide told us not to report this individual on eBird because Saudi Arabian falconers read the reports and, within days, will arrive and kill it. What a terrible use of an otherwise excellent resource.

Rachel Lawson
rwlawson5593 at outlook.com<mailto:rwlawson5593 at outlook.com>
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