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Garrett Haynes garrettwhaynes at me.com
Tue May 24 13:16:59 PDT 2022

Hello Tweeters,I see birders posting checklists at the Fife--Frank Albert Rd Farms hotspot and I went there this morning hoping to see the blue wing teals reported there. As you come down Levee Rd and it curves to the right onto Frank Albert Rd, there is a straight ahead side road that continues to parallel the river, but is blocked with a locked gate and no trespassing signs. Then I went onto Frank Albert Rd going north and just before the bridge pulled off to the left into a gravel parking area. There is a locked gate there with a sign saying something about power/powerlines, but I didn't see any no trespassing signs. When I got out of my car there was a guy parked in a truck who rolled down his window and said I can't go down that road. He said he is parking there to keep people out as the land is owned by the railroad and they don't want people going down there.I left and went over the bridge, but the other side has warehouses/business parks and didn't seem like an obvious birding spot. I went back over the bridge and noticed on the east side of the bridge there is a fairly large pond down there. I went and parked and birded the Fife--Sha Dadx Wetland hotspot, which I had been to once before, and I walked all the way over to the pond by the bridge from there. No blue winged teals in there that I could see, just one female mallard with a chick, assuming this was even the same pond where the teals were reported. Unless I am missing something or birders are walking down that gravel road when guys aren't parking there policing it, then I can't see any place there to bird. You can e-mail me directly if you have any helpful info about this spot. Your confidentiality will be maintained :) Garrett HaynesAuburn, WA
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