[Tweeters] Mystery Gull - Possible Iceland Gull?

Doug Santoni dougsantoni at gmail.com
Mon May 23 19:57:17 PDT 2022

There is a Facebook group called “North American Gulls” and some of the members are AMAZING gull identification experts. Might be worth joining the group and getting their expert opinions.

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> Hello,


> Today I saw a gull at the 10th St Boat Launch parking lot in Everett. I would like some help with identifying it. The only thing I could come with was a first summer Iceland Gull, but that seems unlikely according to eBird history in May. Here is a link to a couple of pictures.


> https://www.barry15.com/2022_Birding_Reports/Special.html


> I'd appreciate any opinions or suggestions.


> Barry Brugman

> Kirkland, WA


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