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Leupold has the same guarantee. I just had a pair of 8x42's that the optic lenses had fogged up. The were unsuable. I sent them in for repair. Evidently they were unrepairable. They sent me a new pair. They new pair was actually nicer than the pair I sent in.

Roger Moyer
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I will second Donna’s recommendation of Vortex. Their warranty is outstanding and no-questions-asked. If they can repair it, they will. And if not, they’ll replace with a comparable or better current model.

They've consistently been a pleasure to deal with.

On May 23, 2022, 14:51 -0700, DONNA POOLE <poole9561 at msn.com>, wrote:
I would look for a brand that has a lifetime warranty. I just sent the first good pair of binoculars I bought years ago back to Vortex with a pre-paid shipping label paid for by Vortex. I had no receipt or proof of purchase. They will either repair or replace them within 3 weeks.

Donna L Poole

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I’ve had a couple of pair of binoculars “die” over the past few decades. It’s a shame to throw them out or put them in a drawer. It seems like it should be possible to repair them.

I’m not talking about catastrophic damage, just normal use where things get out of alignment. In each case I’ve submitted them to a repair facility and they’ve been returned as “not repairable”. In my most recent case, there were “too many corroded fasteners” in my 20 year old Swift Audubon 8.5x44 ‘Waterproof’ pair. Is it simply that the cost of repair labor is so great and the cost of optics so low?

Do most birders have a drawer full of unserviceable binoculars?

Tom Benedict
Seahurst, WA
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