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Fri May 20 09:58:27 PDT 2022

Hello Vicki,

You have it right on Florida. Have you done SE AZ and the lower Rio Grande Valley?


> On May 20, 2022, at 9:28 AM, Vicki <vickibiltz at gmail.com> wrote:


> Hello, so after completing the Ohio trip, I was dismayed to see that my informal NA bird list is still under 500. This is after birding over 40+ years, but not birding for huge gaps, due to family obligations (autistic son, etc)

> I don’t have some of the given birds that you get when you’ve birded in our state for many years. Like the White Winged Crossbill and sharp tailed grouse.

> I know a long trip is needed in Florida, which may likely get me over the hump.

> And I’m not happy counting the Flammulated Owl, as it’s been heard numerous times, but not seen. But it was recommended at the time to do so. So I have.

> Anyway, I’m going to try to chase more rarities this year.

> I do have Rustic Bunting from the Leavenworth area, Eurasian Dotterel and Blue Footed Booby from Oregon, things like that ( please don’t tell me the booby isn’t countable as I shall be terribly disappointed). Actually I think it was countable, it was in 1993 if I recall correctly, but I have to look it up.

> Anyway, being fully immersed in birding is infectious. And boy, does Ohio ever do that to you!!! Since I did get the desired Kirtlands, next time we go to Ohio, I think we will hit Columbus, and drive closer to Appalachia. I’m not only wanting to build my list, but revisit species I’ve not seen in many years.

> So that’s about it.

> My Evening Grosbeaks are fat and happy, not the huge numbers I’ve had in the past. But enough to break the bird seed bank. And they are eating out of my squirrel buster feeder. And eating my shelled sunflower seeds. I didn’t plan on that happening.

> My lesser goldfinch crew seems to have abandoned me this breeding season. I was really sporadic on winter feedings because of the siskins. So I’m being punished. I’m hoping they’ll show up later this summer when they are moving around after nesting.

> That is all.

> Vicki Biltz

> Buckley, WA

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