[Tweeters] Conclusion of Ohio's Biggest Birding Week in America

Kellie Sagen kelliekvinne at hotmail.com
Thu May 19 17:29:59 PDT 2022

Hey Vicki and Tweets!

I too was birding at Magee Marsh and surrounding areas in Ohio for 4 days (May 9-12) and it was just marvelous. I had never been birding back east so I had not seen a lot of the birds, even the common Blue Jays and Cardinals! It was actually my first ever birding trip after 26 years of birding around Puget Sound and it did not disappoint. The Kirtland's warbler was a definite highlight. I wonder if we were watching it at the same time Vicki, between 8:15-9am on Thursday the 12th?!

Thanks for doing the trip report. I had not thought to do that, so I created mine after reading your post.

After Ohio, my husband took me to New York to bird Central Park. If anyone in Tweeterdom is good at IDing Waterthrushes would you please look at my trip report for NYC? I think I may have seen a Louisiana. The Northerns I saw were more yellow and this one was lighter. I put it as a Louisiana/Northern Waterthrush on my checklist and have a bad photo attached. Any thoughts on the ID are appreciated.

Trip report links here:

Central Park, NYC

Magee Marsh Area, Ohio

Happy birding!

Kellie Sagen
Lake Stevens, WA
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