[Tweeters] Burlington - Continuing Black-Headed Grosbeaks - and more ...

jimbetz at jimbetz.com jimbetz at jimbetz.com
Wed May 18 13:18:29 PDT 2022

Tweets to you!

The BHGs continue to visit our back yard seed feeder. I've seen as
many as 4 at once and frequently see 2 or even 3. They are pretty
much "hanging out at/around the feeder" and there are a couple that
I've been able to identify as "repeat visitors".

Had a bit of Flicker drama today. There was a male "digging up the
lawn" in search of ____. I had been watching it work its way around
the yard when another bird flew in and landed about 2 feet away and
immediately hopped to about a foot away and walked about half of that.
The two of them "took a pose" - sort of standing with their heads
raised and each one turned to the right and looking over their bill
at the other and dodging their head every once in a while. Then the
first one just stood stock still and leered and the second for about
30 seconds or so ... a quick 'lunge' chased off the 2nd one who
flew first about 10 feet, hopped around for a bit but didn't dig in
the yard at all, and then flew off. The first one went back to
searching for ____ by listening and poking the grass ... seemingly
unaware that the second had ever showed up. It all -seemed- to be
about territorial rights.
A few minutes later the first one flew up to the feeder and even
landed on it - chasing away all the other birds that were there in
the process. I thought that was a greedy thing to do so I went and
stood close to the window until it saw me and flew off. Less than
3 minutes later the 'regulars' returned to the feeder as thought
the Flicker had never been there.
- Jim

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