[Tweeters] Evening Grosbeaks arrival

Vicki vickibiltz at gmail.com
Tue May 17 09:31:14 PDT 2022

I just got back late last night and refilled my feeders early. Could hear
the grosbeaks chatter in our forest while refilling for the day.
Yesterday my husband counted 20. Two days earlier he had just one female.
So she’s announced to everyone and they are trickling in at the moment.
I’ve always had the Evenings, one they found their food supply. And I’ll
get flocks of 50-75 and more before they finally move through.
At the moment there are about 10 at the feeders.
I use feeding trays, and sunflower in the shell just for them.
I’ll be tracking them throughout the day and try to do an evening report.
Hoping for the large numbers again.
If there is anyone in the Buckley/Bonney Lake, etc area who haven’t had a
chance to enjoy these beauties, please contact me privately for directions
to my house. I’m hoping my Lesser Goldfinches are already nesting, but they
can be a bit hard to hear with all the grosbeaks.
Vicki Biltz
Buckley, WA
Connells Prairie area

vickibiltz at gmail.com
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