[Tweeters] Chipping sparrows at both north and south end of Woodland Park

BRAD Liljequist bradliljequist at msn.com
Mon May 16 19:17:47 PDT 2022

Aided by my Merlin audio app, I found via trill (sounding remarkably like a Junco) and then saw a Chipping Sparrow at the south end of Woodland Park, just east of the tennis courts off of 50th. I saw another (possibly the same bird, but I don't think so, I think it had a less russetey cap) at the north end, by the lawn bowling area.

Clearly a sporting oriented bird.

I will be posting about my love of Merlin audio here shortly! Just wanted to get this out so any locals could go in search if they wanted to.

Brad Liljequist
Phinney Ridge
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