[Tweeters] If you’re driving past Moses Lake today…

matt yawney myawney at hotmail.com
Sat May 14 07:59:58 PDT 2022

Hi folks,

I was driving along highway 17 just south of I-90 at Moses Lake yesterday and I thought I may have seen a scissor tailed flycatcher. It looked like a grayish kingbird without yellow and I thought I saw a pinkish wash on it. It did look more elongated than a kingbird but the tail wasn’t super long like you might expect in a scissor tailed. Anyway I was in busy traffic heading to work and couldn’t stop or turn around and then work was a little crazy and I totally forgot to check back on this after work. So I feel silly mentioning this because I was probably going 55 mph when I saw this bird and probably appreciated it for maybe 2 seconds. So I really don’t know what I saw. I’m not recommending anyone chase this but if you’re driving by it was only 1-3 miles south of I90 and before road M SE on the east side of highway 17 on a barbed wire fence.

Matt Yawney
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