[Tweeters] Goldfinch Drama

jimbetz at jimbetz.com jimbetz at jimbetz.com
Tue May 10 18:45:27 PDT 2022


This morning my wife and I "heard something" and looked out the window
to see a 10-15 foot diameter cloud of white feathers fluttering down to
our backyard. We looked and looked and did not see any sign of any
birds. The sound was a sort of dull thump (read below).

Then I went downstairs and sitting on the aggregate porch floor was
a young goldfinch. It's head was moving but not normal (one side only)
and it was not moving otherwise. I went outside - the door to the
walkout patio was about 12 feet from the bird - and it did not move.
I saw no other birds. Other than it not moving when I went outside I
have no other reason to suspect that this Goldfinch was involved.

Don't know if the Goldfinch was hit by a Peregrine/other raptor or
some other event. It did -not- sound like it hit a window, the glass
railing on the deck, or the house. The 'cloud' of feathers was at
least 6 feet away from the deck and did not appear to be coming from
anywhere near the house. It was not windy - at best a gentle breeze.

I left it alone and an hour or so later it was gone - so it appears
to have recovered and flown off. Since I didn't see its departure I
have no other info.
- Jim in Burlington

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