[Tweeters] Mt Rainier Breeding Bird Survey

Barbara & John Jensen skylark at rockisland.com
Tue May 10 13:30:23 PDT 2022

I am going to be retiring from doing the breeding bird survey at Mt Rainier
and was hoping that one of you fine birders would like to take over the
route . John and I started the route in 1990 and have done it almost every
year since. This 25-mile route starts at the Nisqually Entrance and runs to
just beyond Box Canyon and begins at 4:32 in the morning. One must have
excellent bird by ear skills. Go to the USGS Breeding Bird Survey to find
out more about this project if you are interested. There is a Washington
State representative listed there who can also help. We loved doing this ,
being in the park so early in the morning (okay, we lived there but this was
extra fun), painfully beautify sunrises, the smell of the high country and
well, it's Rainier and who doesn't love Mt Rainier.

Barbara Jensen

(360) 472-1118
skylark at rockisland.com

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