[Tweeters] Nashville Warbler - Bainbridge Island 5/8

Steve Hampton stevechampton at gmail.com
Mon May 9 15:46:06 PDT 2022

We've just had a small flurry of NASHVILLE WARBLERS in Jefferson County,
considering there were only two prior records on eBird. They are rather
rare on the Olympic Peninsula. Jackie Canterbury recorded one singing on
May 3 on Marrowstone Island; Brian Ellis found one yesterday at Kah Tai
Lagoon, Port Townsend; and today Peter Mann and I had presumably Ellis's
(near the small pond) and another further north in the riparian woods at
Kah Tai.

Record shots of the latter are here, along with a full list. The place was
dripping with migrants, mostly Wilson's Warblers.

good birding,

On Mon, May 9, 2022 at 1:03 PM Daniel Lipinski <dano135 at hotmail.com> wrote:

> After nearly a decade of scanning through flocks of migrating warblers as

> they move through my Bainbridge Island yard I finally saw a Nashville

> warbler. Well - more like it found me. During Mother's Day brunch - right

> outside my dinning room window in a vine maple (frequented by our resident

> Wilson's warblers) there was a big beautiful male Nashville. Dark head,

> solid bold eye-ring, yellow throat and undertail coverts -

> unmistakable.... but I still confirmed it wasn't a Mac Gilvary's - neither

> species I see often. It was much brighter than the OCWA in the tree with

> it. That makes species 76 for the yard. Also - within the last week we've

> had a switch from majority male Audubon's yellow rumps - to mostly female

> with some myrtles mixed in. Add Townsends, black-throated gray, and

> Wilson's I am at my typical year worth of warbler species.... Maybe I can

> coax a Yellow warbler in - does anyone make a warbler call? lol. FOY Pac

> slopes are back in force and had a Swainsons thrush seen and heard

> "whit-ing" this weekend as well. Oh - and had a white throated sparrow a

> few weeks ago just down the street.


> Happy birding -

> Dan Lipinski

> dano135 at hotmail.com

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