[Tweeters] More migration in Phinney

AMK17 amk17 at earthlink.net
Sat May 7 19:21:54 PDT 2022

Spotted an empid at my little pond but it disappeared by the time I got my binos. While outside looking for it A robust flock of yellow rumpled warblers flew oveR and circled back landing in the yard.  And more kept dropping down from behind me.  I counted over 60 flyover but lost track as they started dropping down.  There must have been 75 to 100+  Must admit it was quite an rush to be surrounded by so many in such a small yard!  Both Audubon's and Myrtles in this group.  The plumages are spectacular now With so many variations.

Left Merlin running and it id'd a white throated sparrow too but I did not see or hear it.  But it was very birdie.
On another note young juncos and bewicks wrens fed in the yard today as well.  Seems so early.
Never did find the empid...
Happy migration!
Phinney Ridge, Seattle

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