[Tweeters] Marymoor Park (Redmond, King Co.) 2022-05-05

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Thu May 5 18:06:25 PDT 2022

Tweets – It was a miserable Mayvember morning today, with temps dropping from 50 to 47 degrees while the mizzle turned to drizzle and then steady rain. The first-week-of-May survey is usually the best survey of the entire year (at least, the one with the highest species count). And we did have a lot species by the end, but sometimes we weren’t having much fun. There were good birds and some surprises.

a.. SNOW GEESE – Distant flock of ~150 flying north. Our latest spring sighting for Snow Geese ever, though we did have a large flock 2018-05-03
b.. Cinnamon Teal – Male seen from the Lake Platform, and (probably the same) one seen at the Rowing Club
c.. Green-winged Teal – Getting late – maybe 5 at the mitigation ponds seen from the Rowing Club
d.. Ring-necked Duck – Getting late – pair seen from the Lake Platform
e.. Eurasian Collared-Dove – One flew north from the East Meadow
f.. Mourning Dove – Matt heard one singing pre-dawn. First of Year (FOY)
g.. LEAST SANDPIPER – Matt heard a few small flocks fly up the slough predawn (FOY)
h.. Caspian Tern – Two over lake (FOY)
i.. Hammond’s Flycatcher – One calling and posing, east edge of Dog Meadow (FOY)
j.. Swainson’s Thrush – One calling unseen from the east edge of Dog Meadow. Matt heard more “whit” calls predawn (FOY)
k.. American Pipit – 4-5 in the Dog Meadow
l.. Lincoln’s Sparrow – One singing! predawn near the Viewing Mound
m.. Bullock’s Oriole – Male singing, calling, near weir
n.. Yellow Warbler – Several heard singing, one seen (FOY)
o.. Yellow-rumped Warbler – Many, many, many
p.. Townsend’s Warbler – Surprised to see one in the cottonwoods near the east end of the boardwalk
q.. Western Tanager – Two silent males at the south end of the Dog Meadow (FOY)
r.. Black-headed Grosbeak – Female with the tanagers, singing male from the boardwalk (FOY)
Kazuto Shibata photographed a LOGGERHEAD SHRIKE at the park on Tuesday, 5/3.

Misses today included Pied-billed Grebe, Rock Pigeon, Band-tailed Pigeon, Green Heron, Belted Kingfisher, and Warbling Vireo.

A few winter birds were missed for the first time this spring, and have probably moved on: Cackling Goose, Wilson’s Snipe, Fox Sparrow, and Western Meadowlark (actually not seen last week either).

Despite the misses and the weather, we managed 75 species today.

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= www.marymoor.org/birding.htm
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