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Thu Mar 31 15:17:56 PDT 2022

Tweets – A beautiful day, not too cold or windy, partly sunny, spring-like. And there were plenty of birds. They just weren’t cooperative.

How uncooperative? Well, there were SEVEN new birds for the year (FOY), but here’s the rundown:
a.. Red-necked Grebe – I had one on a late solo scan of the lake (FOY)
b.. Eurasian Collared-Dove – One seen by a few of us very distantly (FOY)
c.. Greater Yellowlegs – One seen by Eric on the grass fields just a little after 7 a.m. Eric was alone (FOY)
d.. Turkey Vulture – I had one over the East Meadow after the walk on a solo jaunt (FOY)
e.. American Kestrel – I had a female at the model airplane field just before 7 a.m. on a solo jaunt (FOY)
f.. Orange-crowned Warbler – One singing, heard-only, east of the East Footbridge. Several of us heard this bird (FOY)
g.. Common Yellowthroat – One sang 2-3 times, far east of the Viewing Mound, and barely heard by about 3 of us (FOY)
That’s about 2 people per FOY species today...

The Greater Yellowlegs was the earliest spring sighting ever.

Other highlights:
a.. Canada Goose – seem to be intent on nesting on the western Osprey platform
b.. Anna’s Hummingbird – active nest near start of boardwalk
c.. Violet-green and Tree Swallows – hundreds
d.. Ruby-crowned Kinglet – MUCH singing
e.. Cedar Waxwing – flock of around 20
f.. Yellow-rumped Warbler – dozens of “Audubon’s”, with much singing
Misses today included Cooper’s Hawk, Belted Kingfisher, Hairy Woodpecker, Northern Shrike, and Pine Siskin

For the day, 67 species, of which about 10 (!) were reported only by single observers. We’re at 94 species for 2022 for the survey.

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