[Tweeters] Samish Flats - 28 Mar 2022

Philip Dickinson pdickins at gmail.com
Mon Mar 28 17:06:35 PDT 2022

Several thousand Snow Geese this afternoon between Boe and Thomle Rds. Bear Stanwood. Did not see any swans in the Stillaguamish Valley today.

Phil Dickinson

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> Hi,


> I was gone for 10 days - when I left the swans and snow geese were already

> dwindling. I did a quick driving survey from about 10 to 11 this morning.

> It was a day of spotty, light rain. By the time I was back home at noon

> there are hot spots but you'd still have to call it "overcast with scattered

> showers". Here are the results:


> Bald Eagles - numbers down but still present. Adults in/near nests, immatures

> elsewhere.

> Hawks - several redtails, a Rough-Legged, and two Harriers. No Kestrels.

> No peregrines.

> Ducks - "everywhere" but not the numbers we were seeing just over a week ago.

> One Bufflehead and the only other verified species were all Mallards.

> Great Blue Herons - zero (unlikely I missed them). Tide was high so they

> were likely just somewhere else. Since the rookery is 'just across

> the bay' seeing zero GBHs is notable but not rare.

> Flicker - one.

> Ravens and Crows - a few.

> Red-winged Blackbirds - where ever there were cattails. Other blackbirds -

> normal (several hundred in groups of 50 and up).

> Snow Geese - one large concentration near D'Arcy and Bayview-Edison Rd.

> At least 5k and possible over 10k.

> Trumpeter/Tundra Swans - one area near D'Arcy and Farm to Market. About 500.

> Seagulls - just about every where.


> There are no swans on the Butler Flats - one group of Snow Geese. (Verified

> with spotting scope from our house.)


> I was expecting to be blanked on the snows and swans - pleasantly surprised to

> see any at all. I did not have time to wait and see ... those groupings are,

> perhaps, "transients" moving North and stopping over to refuel ... ?


> - that's all folks ... Jim in Burlington


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