[Tweeters] Late winter in southeast WA and Lyle

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Thu Mar 24 12:18:26 PDT 2022

Hello Tweeters,

Last week we spent 4 days in the areas around the Tricities,
Walla Walla, and then along the Columbia River. Overall we had very nice
weather. Wind on day one and rain in the morning of the day we drove home
(day 5). The views out over the Columbia and Snake Rivers, and the light on
the farmed land and patches of still native grassland and sagebrush is
always beautiful. Once again, I thought we might have enough interesting
pictures to make an album, so the Flickr link below with 43 photos is the

On day one we drove to Richland, stopping along the way. The Yakima Valley
Audubon appears to have freshly painted all their bird boxes, so the bright
blue paint looks great with the Mountain Bluebirds setting up shop on
Umptanum Road. We found Western Bluebirds on a nest box in the Lyle Balch
Cemetery. A new place to bird for us was Snively Road, near Richland, we
went hunting for a mockingbird, which eluded us. The compensation was
having 100s of Sandhill Cranes fly over. We finally had time to hike out
onto Bateman Island in Kennewick. We spent part of a beautiful sunny
morning there and did find the Black-crowned Night-Herons we wanted.

When we reached Klickitat County, driving on Hwy 14 from the east, we spent
a while driving on Six Prong Road, a route introduced to us over a decade
ago on a field trip with the late great Ken Knittle. There we had a
wonderful visit with a Great Horned Owl. Later on, east of Lyle on Balch
Road and Old Hwy 8, we encountered dozens of Lewis's Woodpeckers.

So, as usual for us, nothing unusual, but some good photo opportunities.


Oh, and most of the photos are my husband Bill's. I hope you
enjoy them. Charlotte Byers, Edmonds

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