[Tweeters] Thank you everyone

Nancy Morrison weedsrus1 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 24 07:17:39 PDT 2022

I have been overwhelmed by all the amazing birders I have met in the past
week. It has been a non-stop flow of incredible people, and I so appreciate
everyone's gifts and expressions of appreciation. The one problem is, I
have a very limited capacity to remember faces and names. Two or three is
my max, but I have met dozens of people over the past week, and I cannot
remember all your names and faces. So, thank you for the wine, homemade
jam, suet, donations to Audubon, seed money, and the Red-flowering
Currant!!! If I do not remember you the next time we meet, please
reintroduce yourselves.

Thank you again birders!

Nancy Morrison
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