[Tweeters] Red-Flanked Bluetail and access to For Sale property

marc_breuninger at comcast.net marc_breuninger at comcast.net
Tue Mar 22 21:05:13 PDT 2022

I tried (unsuccessfully) for the Bluetail today for a couple of hours in the
morning and an hour in the afternoon. During the afternoon visit I had a
chance to chat with the owners of a For Sale property across the street from
the 16019 house.

They indicated that they had received a call from their Realtor regarding
unidentified individuals going onto the For Sale property, and the Realtor
had asked if the Police should be notified. The Owner said no, but decided
to visit the property to check things out. They asked to get the word out
on their concerns - I think Nancy M already addressed this in an earlier
entry on this thread, but perhaps the For Sale property requires additional
amplification. Anyway, fyi - Thanks

Marc Breuninger

Shoreline, WA

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