[Tweeters] Columbia County Waterfowl and Tri-City Rarities

PENNY & DAVID KOYAMA plkoyama at comcast.net
Sun Mar 20 14:36:02 PDT 2022

Apologies for this late posting, which by now may only be of interest to compilers. David and I headed to the Tri-cities on Tue 3/15 to try for some of the rarities there. We were successful in Benton Co early that super-windy afternoon in locating the N Mockingbird in the area Blair B had indicated in his eBird post, on Snively Rd. across from the big marsh near the second brush pile. But due to the wind, it was sitting low in the shrubs, not visible to the naked eye. David located it by scanning with his bins--it was sitting quietly, probably 5 or 6 feet off the ground. It didn't move for the 10 minutes we watched it. The 2 Harris' Sparrows were located on nearby N Weidle Rd, on the right side, driving towards the dead end. On 3/17, we got the Franklin Co Harris' Sparrow from the driveway of the generous Hubbards, waiting less than 1/2 hr.

The independent "achievement," though, was a pair of Columbia Co Code 4 Tundra Swans on 3/17near Starbuck between MP 6 and 7 at the farm that sometimes has a flooded field (but not now.) At the convenient pullout, I spotted a small pond with a couple of Canada Geese near it, and getting out of the car to check I saw the swans, lower and closer to the edge. Also good for a county where waterfowl are hard to come by if they're not at Little Goose Dam were a good mixed flock at the mouth of the Tucannan R, at the pullout for the Mgt Area. That day's flock consisted of coots, RN Duck, L Scaup, Bufflehead, and Mallard, (We've learned to "sneak up" on these shy ducks and in March 2019 had Redhead, Am Wigeon and Gadwall there.) It doesn't appear that Columbia is being birded much these past couple weeks, but if you're looking for waterfowl, try the mouth of the Tucannon.
Penny Koyama, Bothell
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